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Adam LambertWe have seen generations of adoring fans swoon, cry, and scream at the mere sighting of their favorite celebrity. Broadly speaking, this phenomenon is known to us an “adrenaline rush.” Many individuals experience palpitations, the sweats, or the shakes if they come within shouting distance of a star. (For those fans that can’t breathe or faint in the presence of a celebrity, they should probably seek medical attention to ward off any further dangers to their health.)  Just a simple grin from our favorite star is enough to make some of us feel exceedingly elated and justifies why we exhibit such silliness at these moments. Granted, there are others that are more reserved and wouldn’t subject themselves to public or private displays of exuberance yet are still proud to be identified as a fan. Has there ever been anyone ‘guilty’ of celebrity gossip over lunch, via the water cooler, text, IM, web chats, and so on? Come on, you must admit, it’s amusing, and sometimes perks up an otherwise dull day. We wouldn’t have fan mail, magazine coverage, interviews, etc. if there weren’t interested fans. Honestly, who could call themselves a celebrity without a fan base?

If we take a quick look back in our current music history (40 years or so), we see the profound idolization of such famed musicians as: The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson. There was the infamous time of Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and so many more. They influenced generations of fans with their provocative styles and skillfully established within us a wondrous and blind devotion. They took the world by storm, and created benevolent hysteria amongst the masses. Whether we admit this to ourselves or not, the memories that were created by celebrated stars have become a cherished part of our lives. These celebrities savored the admiration, and the fans simply had fun.

Today, we have a much more advanced form of electronic media, numerous social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter that we may see the rise of stars moments after appearing in front of the public. The expression, “becoming an overnight sensation” has been rendered irrelevant by technology since a climb to fame can literally be accomplished in a day. This is no way nullifies the effectiveness and power of those whom attained stardom via more ‘old fashioned’ venues. To prove the commotion that electronic media stirs, take the example of Cassidy Haley, part owner of Skingraft, a design house based in LA, a powerful and dynamic new performer and close friend to Adam Lambert, a contestant on the U.S. reality TV show American Idol, also one of this year’s hottest new celebrities. Within mere minutes of a Twitter post last week, Cassidy’s video was viewed by thousands, resulting in the number three spot of iTunes within hours. (Do you think Twitter fans can do it again? It would be fun to try). The public’s fascination with reality TV has developed in to an amazing platform for the extraordinary talents of ordinary people. These people have enormous drive and aspiration to reach for that illusive title of star, and possibly the most unattainable prize that is superstardom. For those lucky enough, this means a life altering style complete with publicity, paparazzi, and you guessed it, fans. American Idol has been the starting arena (with or without the title) to the artistic accomplishments of musicians such as: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry (one of my favorites), Clay Aiken, David Cook (another favorite of mine), and Jordin Sparks, just to name a few. In their 8th season, American Idol gave rise to an enormous amount of talent, with the most dramatic of their top 10, Adam Lambert, creating a new frenzy amongst the populace. This does not diminish the success of the other idols, including this year’s title winner Kris Allen (his new album is set for release on Nov. 17th according to Amazon). Each of the 10 finalists benefits from a solid fan base. It can be perceived at this moment though that Adam Lambert is on an express train that will propel him to superstardom. Before the release of his new record, due out November 24th, Adam made his mark on the entertainment industry and in the minds and hearts of fans worldwide. Adam LambertHe recently teamed with a charity to raise funds for school children and has encouraged his fans to learn more about DonorsChoose.org. By raising awareness, Adam’s fans have pledged more than $95,000, maybe more (I don’t have the exact figures) Go Adam! He has single handedly reinvented the mass hysteria felt by the established stars of past times.  Adam Lambert is just beginning the wildest ride of his life, and his fans are only too happy to be carried along on the road to his success.

Famous people are not impervious to the reactions of their fans, both the endearing, and the crazed. At what point does a fan’s idolatry become a full blown obsession?  From time to time, there are incidents reported in the news of celebrity fans that have crossed that invisible line, and have manifested in what is now commonly referred to as celebrity stalkers. Of course we know these are extreme cases brought on by the delusions of the mentally ill. Most fans do not harbor ill intent toward entertainers regardless of their degree of popularity. After all, reasonable people are aware that stars are not much different than the rest of the population, and are subject to the same emotions we have. Celebrities enhance our lives through their art and fans display their pleasure of this by hooting, howling, screaming, and chanting with uninhibited euphoria.  At the end of the day the relationship between stars and their celebrity fans, although distant and complex, and at the same time, essential and comforting, is a mutual acceptance of respect and admiration for each other.

I wish you all success!

I have thoroughly researched the subject of celebrity fans turned celebrity stalker. You may find more news regarding this anomaly at abc news.



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Adam Lambert

STOP! Don’t get your panties in a bunch. The title has NOTHING to do with Adam’s sexuality and everything to do with getting the FACTS straight. There was no innuendo involved with naming this blog. Anyone reading this should already know that he is the soft spoken, kind hearted glam rocker that is presently on a 50 city tour with American Idol Live.

By the way, before you read any more, please understand that this is strictly my opinion. All of Adam’s fans are entitled to their own thoughts on the subject of  this rising star.

Adam Lambert is known to his fans as the uber talented, uber sexy rock idol. I agree. Who out there in their right mind (key words – right mind) could debate the silky sensuality of his voice or the magic he brings to the stage with his uninhibited dancing.
Adam Lambert has been discussed in blogs, interviews, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. etc. And here I am, adding to the media swill so I don’t know what that says about me. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m a fan.

Adam’s stats: (to get this out of the way)

Full Name: Adam Mitchel Lambert (according to Wiki)
Height 6’1”
Weight: approx 185 (according to Adam) maybe less now after all his cardio on stage
Age: 27 Born January 29, 1982
Skin: Fair (with freckles according to Adam)
Hair color: Strawberry blonde, dyed black
Eye color: Blue (and beautiful with or without eyeliner)

Mother: Leila

Father: Eber

Brother: Neil (extremely witty), find his blog here at www.negativeneil.com

Religion: Jewish

Interests: Astrology, music (and probably a lot more that I’m not aware of)

#1 Fan: This is a toss up: My guess Leila, Eber & Neil

Adam Lambert is breaking the hearts of young men (admittedly, women too) all over the country that would give anything just to be in his presence. At this point we should all be in agreement that we know a lot (maybe too much) about Adam’s life. If you want to know more about Adam (as I am not getting writer’s cramp spewing out every bit of information you could gather from Google), then just click this link: www.adamofficial.com

I need to get this subject out of the way since the media has presented it, ad nauseam, to the public. Adam Lambert is a gay man, and proud of it, as well he should be. To all conservative nay Sayers, this was not a conscious decision, but a birth right, the same as the right you have to be straight. He is not bi. For all the women dreaming about being Adam’s fantasy, get it straight, Adam’s idea of his true love is a man. There are many female fans that have a right to drool over him, he is handsome, and he is sexy. Unfortunately, there have been too many comments posted from ignorant people, even at this late date, suggesting that Adam could be ‘turned’. How absurd.  I applaud his sense of self, his gayness, if there is such a word. As a fan, and a mother, it would be gratifying to see this young man with a partner, husband, or whatever label the asinine laws allow. It is solely my opinion that this would bring his life full circle, along with his success as a recording artist/rock star. Nuff said.

This is where I digress and bring up the subject of (some of) his fans. Yes, I admit, I am an Adam Lambert fan. I’m just not a crazy running after his car, getting in his face, screaming in his ear until you make him deaf, believing I’m his best friend kind of fan. Come on people, Adam has what, 30, 40 maybe 50 million, probably more, fans around the world. He does NOT need you to protect him from an unknown and figurative stalker, the product of a fan’s overly active imagination. He has body guards, and I bet your bottom dollar that they do a damn good job. The absurdity of the fan comments that we should be scanning the arenas where he performs on the lookout for creepers to personally ensure his safety is ludicrous at best. I bet you the producers of the show have a pretty decent budget that covers this type of thing. Of course, to play devil’s advocate, there’s always a chance I’m mistaken, but then again I’m not privvy to his security information.

My next fan pet peeve (taken from comments posted by some overzealous fans) regards this young man’s health. The rumors that he is suffering terribly from the flu are incredulous (and proven false by Adam himself in a recent interview). I don’t know him personally, but listening to his last bubble tweet, and his many recent interviews, I can’t hear anything wrong with his voice, nor does he look any paler than normal. Common sense says it would be all over the media by now if he was gravely ill, so for those fans out there that have the need to share your concern, I just say, keep it to yourself. He has a mom, dad, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends that know him, love him, and are truly concerned about his health and happiness. Isn’t it enough just to show this remarkable man your appreciation of his art without declaring your undying love. Do any of you have family or friends that you care for deeply? Were they there for you when you grew up, possibly came over for dinner, maybe went on vacation, went through school together, there in good times and bad? These are the people that you hold dear to your hearts. Stop pretending to place Adam Lambert where he isn’t, other than a performer to admire. There are only a fortunate few that can claim this role, and I mentioned them above. If you haven’t personally shared his triumphs, his secrets, his joys, and tribulations, then face reality, you can’t possibly love him. but it is your choice to continue your delusions. I have never said you shouldn’t enjoy (love is a word taken too lightly these days) with immense satisfaction what he projects to his fans. I know I do. He’s an awesome entertainer!  Adam apparently has experience working crowds, and he’s absolutely fantastic at it. It’s easy to see that he gets a rush from entertaining the masses. He’s a phenomenal performer, and deserves the adoration (not creepy kind) of his fans. I thought this is how it works. A celebrity performs, makes you smile, the crowd cheers, makes the celebrity smile. I have read thousands of your comments regarding Adam of which 99% were positive. (The other 1% doesn’t count in this blog)

Regarding his pelvic area (and at my age, I have a 20 year old child, I can’t believe I’m writing this), many of you claim to have what the Urban Dictionary calls Adamgasms, and that’s cool. Go for it. Adam has shared his opinion of this in one of his many interviews, and he seems to be genuinely flattered. All is good, right? Not really. There are way too many fans (and this is creepy) obsessing about his personal anatomy. There are YouTube vids with pointing arrows. I am not making this up, seriously I have seen them. Anyone over the age of 2 with all their faculties should be able to find his crotch without a map.  Yes, I agree with you, that Adam  projects a teasing sexuality while performing on stage (key words here – performing on stage). The fans get really excited and this is the reaction Adam wants, and working it on stage, deserves this. I just  hope it is the fact that he is  unattainable, illusory, that makes some fans feel like they have the right to leave inappropriate comments on this subject, and not because you are some crazy assed creeper fan. I hope you realize that he is a star, and you are his fan, and that’s pretty much as far as it goes. Better to face it now than suffer from a warped fantasy that will eventually cost you your sanity and your hard earned dollars while trying to convince your therapist that you are ‘in love’ with  Adam Lambert. I think Adam’s fans should all take a lesson from Rickey@Rickey.org. I never heard him say a perverted word regarding this ‘area’. (FYI: For those of you that don’t believe Rickey, I have information firsthand that Rickey IS an Adam Lambert fan. He is also a fan of the other AI contestants, with strong support of Kris and Anoop)

That said, I admire all his fans  that want to show him their adoration by writing blogs, taking pics and vids, sending gifts, (throwing bras, sex toys, and jock straps on stage all in fun), or just sending good wishes, or donating to his charity of choice: www.DonorsChoose.Org.  I believe Adam Lambert is unmatched in this early stage of his career, and with a lot of hard work, and a lot of heart, this young man will remain at the top of the charts for years to come. I wish him all the best.